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Thermal Rheumatology Treatment

Whether you wish to relieve or prevent osteoarthritis and tendonitis, the naturally warm spring water at the thermal baths in Saint-Gervais helps to reduce inflammation, soothe pain and hence improve mobility. Where analgesic treatments sometimes prove insufficient, hydrotherapeutic treatment is often considered an alternative or a complement to traditional drugs. Opt for 6 or 12 days of natural treatment in an exceptional setting. Our hydrotherapeutic treatment cure in rheumatology is not reimbursed by social security.


Rheumatology treatment will relieve your osteoarthritis and other pain related to cartilage wear. Saint-Gervais thermal water from Les Bains du Mont Blanc is full of minerals and trace elements that provide you with many benefits. Anti-inflammatory, healing and soothing, Mont Blanc thermal water can alleviate the pains that affect your daily life.

Daily clay wraps help reduce inflammation and soften the skin. Used since antiquity, mountain clay mixed with naturally hot thermal water soothes your joint pains.


The surrounding environment of the thermal park is conducive to rest, relaxation and recovery. Take time for yourself and recover from all the stress, tiredness and struggles of the year. 

Treatments Provided

The rheumatology treatment takes place over either 6 or 12 days. You can receive your treatments every other day. This allows you to rest and extend your stay.


Each day:

  • Access to Les Bains du Mont Blanc (2½-3 hours): the anti-inflammatory, soothing and restorative powers will relieve your pain. Relaxation areas allow you to take time for yourself and rest.
  • Clay wrap (15 mins): clay heated to 42 degrees and combined with thermal water is placed on your joints. The warmth of the clay that envelops you relaxes the muscles and relieves built-up tension. The application of clay has benefits for your skin but particularly for your joints. It will reduce inflammation.
  • Invigorating shower (10 mins): Every other day, a high-pressure shower is carried out using precise movements. This treatment will tone your muscles, activate blood circulation, firm the skin, and relieve muscle tension.

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Rheumatic diseases generally develop from a certain age. They are likely to affect everyone, although there are risk factors such as heredity, being overweight/obesity and intensive sports activities. They present themselves through joint pain, stiffness and loss of mobility.

With rheumatism, osteoarthritis, spinal pain, positional pain or tendinitis, symptoms can appear in the knees, hips, back and/or fingers.