Medical Treatments

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ABR et AMB : 

APRIL 1st – OCTOBER 5TH  2024




Dates 2024 

Post cancer VIVA 2024

Dates 2024


Dates 2024 


Your prescription for thermal medical treatment delivered by health insurance :

– is not valid for 2024 if delivered before 01/10/23

– is valid until 31/03/2024 included if delivered between 01/10/2023 and 30/11/2023  

– is valid all year long if delivered in december 2023


You can start your treatment any day of the week. The treatment starts on the first day chosen. They take place from Monday to Saturday, including bank holidays. Treatment times can vary according to the thermal doctor’s prescription.

For all thermal treatments, an appointment with an in-house doctor will be offered on the first day of the treatment. You don’t have to book well in advance. For a last-minute booking, please contact the medical office directly on +33(0)4 50 47 54 54 or you can pre-book your treatment on the website 

Thermal Treatments demand

18-Day Social Security-Approved Treatment

Step 1

Start with a consultation with your doctor

Your GP must prescribe you a government-approved 18-consecutive-day social-security approved treatment. The GP will give you a care form indicating the therapeutic orientation and the desired spa.

Please be aware that you can benefit from a dual-orientation to treat several conditions (e.g. eczema-asthma). All you need to do is ask your doctor to specify this on the claim form.

Once your claim has been completed, send it to your health insurance provider before you leave.

Step 2

Social Security

To obtain a refund from your health insurance provider, your treatment must be prescribed by your GP or a specialist doctor. The approved treatment must last 18 consecutive days. You must complete the treatment request form (‘déclaration de ressources’) and send the printed form to your health insurance provider for approval (3 to 5 week time frame).

On arrival, you must present the treatment request form and pay the ‘ticket modérateur’ (co-payment) and additional rates. The latter can be paid for by your health insurance policy depending on your contract.

The doctor’s fees are paid directly to their medical office. This includes filiform showers for dermatology treatments, complementary medical practices for ENT/RT treatments and follow-up consultations.

Other services such as your transportation and accommodation costs can be covered, subject to means-testing. Social security will inform you of this within the treatment agreement.

Rates and Refunds


You must make two payments, one at the spa and one with the spa doctor.

Step 3

Book your accommodation then sign-up to Les Thermes

The priority is to book your accommodation in the spa resort. Depending on your budget, there are several accommodation options available close to the thermal centre.

Once your accommodation is booked, you can pre-book your spa treatment online or sign up directly at Les Thermes Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc. Fill out the registration form and send it to us by post or email at [email protected]

Step 4

Your arrival

15 days before your arrival, our booking department will send you confirmation of your booking and the meeting time for your first day at Les Thermes.


Getting to Saint-Gervais:
the town can be reached by aeroplane, with Genève Cointrin airport 80km away. By road via ‘Autoroute Blanche’ A40, or by train to the TGV station Saint-Gervais-les-Bains-Le Fayet.

Getting to Les Thermes:
from June to September you can book the spa shuttle to collect you from Saint Gervais or Le Fayet, which takes you to and from the thermal baths. Outside this period, we advise you to book the ‘Montenbus’ service. When arriving for your treatment, a car-sharing arrangement can be set up by the reception team.


During your treatment you should bring your swimsuit, a plastic bag (to put your wet swimsuit in after the treatment), non-slip flip-flops for the treatment, as well as a cup for the drink treatment. We’ll provide you with a bathrobe and towel each day. If your child is a patient, the accompanying person must bring their own robe/towel, please note that only one accompanying person is allowed.
Need more information? Contact us on +33(0)4 50 47 54 54 or at [email protected]

ENT/Respiratory tract – Oral mucosal diseases:
You will need to bring a cup for the drink treatment. We will provide a towel. If you have ENT equipment from another establishment, you may bring this with you. We will check whether it suits our facilities. Otherwise, you can buy the necessary equipment from the medical office on the first day.