A unique thermal water

The Properties of Thermal Water

Saint-Gervais thermal water first began its journey 6500 years ago, at the foot of the highest summit in Europe. Passing through peaks and underground rocks, Saint-Gervais thermal water trickles through the bowels of the famous Mont Blanc mountain. Its several thousand-year journey leaves it rich in minerals and trace elements.

A water with exceptional properties, used for the first time in 1807 and recognised by the French National Academy of Medicine. Today, everyone can benefit from both its therapeutic and hedonistic qualities.

a unique thermal water

A Long History

The herds of sheep in Saint-Gervais were always able to graze on green grass in summer and winter. The shepherds’ secret ? A source of naturally-warm water.

In 1806, intrigued by this discovery, Geneva-based notary Joseph-Marie Gontard had samples of this miraculous water analysed. He was right to do so! His discovery gave birth to a thermal establishment built closer to the source in 1807. Saint-Gervais then became Saint-Gervais-Les Bains, a popular resort where people came to take the waters to treat their ailments.

Thermal water draws its source from the heart of a breathtaking environment. It flows into an impluvium at the crossroads of the highest peaks of Europe, after a journey of 6500 years from the centre of the Earth. Saint-Gervais Mont Blanc thermal water springs from a protected area.


Captured naturally at 39°C, its therapeutic qualities have been well proven. During its multi-millenary journey, it has become loaded with minerals and trace elements such as sulphur, magnesium, boron, silicon, copper or manganese … All these active ingredients have made it famous.

Soothing, healing, anti-inflammatory, decongesting, anti-ageing, and recognised in the world of dermatology and burns treatment, its composition perfectly respects the balance of the epidermal cells.

Water that goes back thousands of years

In 2017, we received some very special news. We were able to precisely determine the age of Saint-Gervais thermal water. Carbon 14 helped us to discover that 6500 years have passed from the first rainfall at the top of Mont Blanc to the moment the water spurts from the source at 39°C!

During this long journey, the water slowly seeped through layers of rock, gradually taking in minerals and trace elements.

This thousand-year journey gives the water its unique, precious character!

Water with Many Properties

Spa guests and clients, young and old, can enjoy its exceptional properties. The thermal water takes in many minerals and trace elements during its journey in contact with the rocks. Sulphur, boron, silicon, manganese, strontium, lithium… The water contains 30 times more minerals than classic drinking water. Count around 4000mg per litre of water. In fact, it is non-drinkable water (due to the high quantity of minerals) and should only be drunk on medical prescription.

Since 1806, it has been used and recognised as effective in several fields. Dermatology, ENT/respiratory tract, wellness and cosmetic products: there are many different ways to take advantage of its qualities.

Saint-Gervais thermal water is tested at each stage to ensure its bacteriological purity. Certified Aquacert since 2013, which is a voluntary procedure conducted to ensure maximum quality and safety. This certification, specialising in the field of water, requires consistent monitoring. Les Thermes has its own laboratory to control and monitor the stability and composition of the water.