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Spa Package: Private Spa Night

After some quality time with your friends or family in the sublime thermal spa of Les Bains du Mont Blanc? This is possible!

Hire out areas for an evening! We will adapt to your requirements!

Les Bains du Mont Blanc consists of a course of activities involving thermal water.
You will enter the birthplace of the thermal water. A place where time stands still.

A path of experience through which you will travel between peaks and underground before springing up into the light in the heart of the Bonnant Gorge. Les Bains du Mont Blanc becomes a holistic place where the body and the mind are fulfilled. The backdrop of the earth and sky on the ground floor will reveal the best-kept secrets of thermal water. Every square metre is designed for you to enjoy the water in all its states. Walking through the spaces is a true multisensory journey: experience corridors to discover the ice water and the heat mist, immersive alcoves, floatation, observation and stimulation pools.

The first floor is dedicated to the sensations of a walk in the mountains: halotherapy cave, alpine garden, alpine refuge sauna, seasonal alcoves and, for sustenance, a beautiful contemplative space opens out overlooking the mountain.

In addition to the thermal baths, you can reserve our conference room located on the 3rd floor.


For all information and reservations contact us on by email at [email protected]