Thermal Baths

A unique multi-sensorial experience! Make the most of the benefits of this unique thermal water. This moment, dedicated to your fitness, relaxation and wellness, offers you a unique opportunity to really reconnect with nature. Les Bains du Mont Blanc is an ideal place for sharing a pleasant moment as a couple, with family or with friends in naturally hot thermal water.



Discover the Thermal Spa!

Nestled at the heart of the Thermal Park, Les Thermes de Saint-Gervais invites you to enjoy an unforgettable moment of relaxation !

The Mont Blanc Thermal Baths Spa offers a half-day of relaxation in an exceptional setting. Unwind in thousand-year-old, naturally-hot and beneficial thermal water. Indoor an outdoor baths, relaxation activities, saunas at different temperatures, steam baths, and a herbal tea room.  Each area transcribes new experiences: visual, auditory and sensory. Les Bains du Mont Blanc takes a holistic approach to well-being that puts a spotlight on the poetry of the journey of Saint-Gervais Mont Blanc thermal water




1er étage spa thermalThe ground floor  is inspired by the water’s journey from the depths of the Earth, caressing the rocks on it’s way and drawing as close as possible to the earth’s magma.


The spectacular staging appeals to all senses. Upstairs, the circuit is dedicated to the sensations provoked by water, once it has sprung from the ground.


It highlights water from one season to the next, in a combination of lighting and sound effects. The back of the gorge in the thermal park is now home to  a leafy natural area dotted with several warm spring water pools.


Bassin th

A HYDROTHERAPY concept designed for you


Diving into the history of our thermal water, Les Bains du Mont Blanc begins in a very dark atmosphere, where the thermal water draws its heat after a long trip from the peaks of alpine glaciers to the bowels of the earth. From there, you will enter the birthplace of the thermal water. A place where time stands still. Embark on a path of discovery where you will travel between Alpine peaks and the underground before resurfacing in the the Thermal Park.


Les Bains du Mont Blanc is a holistic place where the body and the mind are connected. 

The backdrop between the sky and the Earth on the ground floor reveals the thermal water’s best kept secrets. Each square metre is designed for you to enjoy the water in all its phases. Walking through the spaces is a true multi-sensorial journey : experience corridors where you can discover the ice water and the heat mist, immersive alcoves, floatation, observation and stimulation pools. Four outdoor open air baths at various temperatures can be found at the heart of the Thermal Park.


The setting is conducive to contemplation, regardless of the season or the weather.

The first floor recreates the sensations of a mountain walk: halotherapy cave, alpine garden, mountain refuge sauna, seasonal alcoves and a superb contemplative area overlooking the mountains. 


Saint-Gervais Thermal Baths under a forest canopy

This new lush green zone, the summit of well-being, pays tribute to Mont-Blanc spring water in every shape and form. Visitors will enjoy a rejuvenating experience, starting with a spring mist to detoxify the skin before passing from one alcove to the next to enjoy horizontal warm rain showers, spring water cascades, torrents and jets.

An invigorating Kneipp circuit to relax and energize the legs completes the picture. The journey ends in a warm, wooden sauna – like a cabin in the woods.

A memorable experience that stimulates the 5 senses and extends the original holistic spa circuit.



Nocturnes bains étoilesCome and enjoy the thermal spa at night after a day of winter sports or simply to relax.

Relax under the stars:

What could be better than a session of relaxation/body muscle repair in naturally-hot Mont Blanc thermal water right beneath the stars?






How do I book my WELLNESS MOMENT?

Booking your relaxation time, during high and low season is mandatory.

You can reserve on our website by clicking on “SPA reservation” button. For massages and treatments, please send an email at [email protected]

Long shorts and full body swimsuits are not allowed.


Clean swimming pool flip flops are mandatory to go inside (sell at front desk)

A €2 coin for your locker (One locker for two people is sufficient as the lockers are mixed)

On arrival, we will provide you with a bathrobe for use in the Spa. To respect our “Aquacert” label, we do not allow personal clothing, footwear or towels in the Spa. However, you may bring your own towel and use it in the changing room before leaving.

We recommand that you do not wear your jewellery in the spa as the highly mineralised thermal water could oxidise and damage it. Tongs propres adaptées aux espaces aquatiques obligatoires (en vente à 6€)