Medical Treatments

Treatment for Oral Mucosal Diseases

With all its qualities, Saint-Gervais thermal spring water is particularly recommended and effective in the treatment of gingival issues, and the entire periodontium. Oral treatments are adapted and supervised by our ENT doctors.

The anti-inflammatory effects of Saint-Gervais thermal water significantly reduce irritation and accelerate the restructuring of mucous membranes. Treat your ailments naturally using thermal treatments.

Treatment for oral mucosal diseases can be carried out as a dual-orientation, in combination with the dermatology, ENT and respiratory tract treatments.

Opening of Oral Mucosal Diseases treatment is open

From April 1st to October 5th 2024


The treatment strengthens the tooth’s supporting tissue and restores oral equilibrium.

The temperature of the water has a vasodilatory effect on the vessels. It provides relief by cleaning the lining near the teeth and the spaces between teeth. Thermal spring water triggers a process of healing in the oral mucosa and cleanses the gums. 

Treatments Provided

  • Localised bath
  • Gingival shower
  • Oral cavity spray
  • Localised shower


Psoriasis, eczema, burns and chemotherapy/radiotherapy can be accompanied by mouth sores.

In cases of loose teeth, dry mouth, bad breath, gum disease, lichen planus, periodontal disease, periodontal surgery, xerostomia and in cases of functional impairment, thermal water is particularly recommended.

Note that descaling the teeth before treatment is necessary to optimize the results. If necessary, it is possible to carry out a dual-orientation with dermatology or respiratory tract treatments.