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Wellness Massages



3H Mont Blanc Thermal Baths & 15 minutes massage 

A unique sensorial experience

FLOAT – Your journey starts here.
Let stress and tension melt away during this suspended moment, giving way to a feeling of lightness.
More than just a massage, immersion in the soothing warmth of the water gently envelops the body.
The benefits gradually reach the muscles and soothe the senses, preparing them for an experience of deep relaxation.
A feeling of deep relaxation sets in for good.
The body is soothed, the mind is calm, the body is charged with new energy.

IMMERGE – Rejuvenate thanks to the power of thermal spring water.
Follow the course of thermal water from entrails of the universe, to wooded alpine forests through luminous alpages landscapes .
Soothes tensions, aches and pains of everyday life, thermal spring water envelops you in its warmth, spreading its natural benefits.
outdoor pools, saunas, steam baths, experiential course, salt grotto.
Each activity introduces new experiences for a holistic approach to well-being.


Your treatment can be carried out during or after access to Les Bains du Mont Blanc, or depending on your preferences and our availability.

The purchase of a gift voucher does not ensure a reservation. We advise you to reserve in advance in order to guarantee availability to suit.