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VIVA Programme

Alongside the post-cancer dermatology treatment, the VIVA programme helps combat fatigue and anxiety within the heart of Les Thermes de Saint-Gervais.

The VIVA programme at the spa helps you to rediscover yourself and learn to take care of yourself and your body again.

It is supervised by a coach and a team of professionals, who help you to refocus on your physical and mental well-being. Book a thermal post-cancer treatment at Les Thermes de Saint-Gervais Mont Blanc.

Post cancer VIVA 2023 

April  3rd – 22nd  2023

May 1st – 20th  2023

July 3rd – 22nd  2023

September 4th – 23rd  2023

October 2nd – 21st 2023


This programme is designed to support you in the best way and to help you look calmly towards the future. During these 3 weeks, we give you the “tools”.
At your final check-up, you will leave with a personalised programme and three months of physical activities developed by our teams just for you!


Our team will continue to be there for you following your treatment and carry out a remote follow-up to see how you are doing approximately every 3 weeks. 



Treatments Provided

We create a personalised programme for you. Every other day (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) you’ll be with your coach for different activities.

First of all, an individual meeting with your fitness coach will allow you to define your programme of activities, your goals and your expectations.

You will enjoy 8 sessions of personalised physical activity over the course of the 3-week programme. The personalised physical activities are diverse and varied. You will work on muscular strength, coordination, endurance, flexibility and balance. Sessions take place outside in the thermal park as well as in Les Bains du Mont Blanc.

You will discuss your eating habits with a dietician and, if necessary, talk about improvements to make.

Once a week you will share a meal with others, including your coach and the other VIVA spa guests.

As it’s important to take care of you, our beauty therapists will provide you with a 30-minute radiant facial treatment. It’s up to you when you want to do it. 


Following cancer, both the body and mind can be particularly damaged.

The post-cancer dermatology treatment will act on the “physical” aspect.The VIVA Programme itself is for the “mind”. The VIVA option is carried out in groups.

Supervised by professionals and shared with other spa guests who have gone through the same experiences, you will learn to regain your self-confidence and face the difficulties of everyday life.