Competent trained staff supervise the Baths. Anyone entering the Thermal Baths must comply with these rules and accept the following conditions.


Opening days and times
Opening days and times are available on our website and subject to modification from one season to the next.

Technical closure
The Baths close twice a year for general maintenance and emptying, in accordance with French regulations. Information concerning our closing dates will be posted on site and on the website.


Exceptionnal closure or a change of programme
During school holiday periods, for events, or in an aim to improve operations and the quality of the services on offer, our opening hours and our programme of activities are subject to modification.

Terms and conditions relative to order, hygiene and safety

 In order to ensure the safety of all :

- It is forbidden to use radios or other noisy instruments on the premises.
- It is forbidden to enter the premises in possession of dangerous and/or sharp and/or blunt objects.
- It is forbidden to enter zones marked with a no-entry sign.
- Entry is forbidden to anyone that is obviously unclean or under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

Essential safety rules are displayed in all public areas. The visitor undertakes to comply with the general rules, any specific requirements indicated on the signs  and fully accepts the following restrictions:

- At the discretion of the management, access to the facilities may be denied to anyone who behaves in a way that could affect the integrity of a third party or that of the establishment, as well as to anyone whose attitude may disrupt the smooth running of activities.
- For reasons of safety, hygiene or dysfunction, the establishment reserves the right to forbid or to restrict access to all areas or partial zones.
- Finally, anyone with a particular medical condition is required to report to reception.

Mont Blanc Baths, hydrotherapeutic cure treatments(ENT & Dermatology) and spa treatment rooms.

Access to the different zones is permitted during opening hours to anyone who has paid the correct fee.

To ensure optimal conditions for all visitors, please respect the booking schedules.

It is forbidden to run on the premises. Annoying, noisy and/or dangerous behavior is also forbidden. Visitors who behave inappropriately may be banned from the establishment.

In the event of damage due to wear and tear and/or accidental damage, visitors undertake to notify one of the staff members. The Baths reserve the right to request the reimbursement of any equipment/facilities damaged voluntarily.

It is stricly forbidden :

- To smoke.
- To bring animals onto the premises.
- To picnic on the premises.
- To bring glass bottles or glass containers onto the premises.
- To bring alcohol or any other substance that may impair behavior onto the premises.
- To throw anything into the pools.

Without prior authorisation from the management, canvassing, sales or advertising, the distribution of leaflets, flyers or other media supports is forbidden within the establishment.

Photography or filmmaking is only authorised after prior request to the managers on site and/or the General Manager.


The use of the changing rooms is mandatory. It is forbidden to change anywhere other than in the changing rooms. Nudity is prohibited outside the individual changing rooms and individual showers.

Visitors may store personal belongings in the lockers provided. We advise you not to place valuables objects in the lockers. We wish to remind you that the changing rooms are not subject to any specific supervision. The visitor thus acknowledges that he/she has been fully informed of the risks involved in depositing valuables. Anyone caught in the act of theft or damage will be immediately handed over to the appropriate authority.

The establishment declines all responsibility for lost, missing or damaged objects or items of clothing. Any lost property must be handed into reception.


Any conduct contrary to the present rules and regulations may be sanctioned by the perpetrator’s immediate dismissal from the establishment and his/her prosecution in accordance with the law.

Under no circumstances will dismissal from the establishment result in a refund.

In addition, any willful damage or damage caused by improper use of the facilities is the responsibility of the perpetrator(s).


Access to the Mont-Blanc Baths is forbidden:

- To anyone with suspicious skin lesions or other infections (except to those in possession of a medical certificate stipulating the non-contagious aspect of the condition).
- To anyone who is obviously unclean or under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.
- To visitors under the age of 13. All minors must be accompanied. ID may be requested.
- Electronic devices are also forbidden at the Baths (cameras, phones etc.).

To ensure the correct functioning of our activities and the general well-being of visitors, silence must be observed at the Mont-Blanc Baths. Anyone who does not comply, or who behaves inappropriately, may be obliged to leave the establishment immediately, without a refund.

Swimming and diving are strictly forbidden

The pool areas at the baths are evacuated 15 minutes prior to closing time.
For safety reasons, evacuation may be requested prior to this time schedule.


Access to the Mont-Blanc Baths is subject to reservation.

Spa treatments must be reserved in advance and can only be carried out under the responsibility of the facility’s staff. Guests who have booked a spa treatment are requested to arrive at reception 10 minutes beforehand. In the event of late arrival, the treatment will be shortened and no compensation will be offered.

The establishment reserves the right, for exceptional reasons, to modify treatment or entertainment schedules.

All bookings are subject to a deposit payment. In the event of cancellation, this deposit is non-refundable.

The expiry date on gift vouchers cannot be extended.

Subscriptions are nominative and are valid for a limited duration from the date of purchase (maximum 2 people on the same subscription).


Once you leave the changing rooms, swimwear only is permitted at the Baths :

The following items and behaviour are forbidden :

- Shorts and other clothing non specific to swimming activities.
- Diving, triathlon or neoprene suits.
- Swim thongs.
- Nudity in public areas, including treatment rooms.
- Going topless in public areas.
- All types of shoes except clean flip flops with plastic soles.

It is compulsory to take a shower and walk through the foot baths before entering the pool areas.

It is forbidden to run, to dive, to push people in or to behave in an annoying, noisy and/or dangerous manner towards other users or oneself.

Wearing glasses or sunglasses is not recommended at the Mont-Blanc Baths, in the saunas and steam baths.

The Management declines responsibility for any damaged caused to personal items and/or