To recover from your pre-event workouts, a hike or race, Les Bains du Mont Blanc’s thermal spa is the ideal place to relax your body! Muscle tension, soreness, inflammation and more can be alleviated with thermal water and its many properties.


Before a sporting event, it’s important to prepare your body properly. In order to efficiently recover from your workouts, it’s highly recommended to unwind in a relaxing environment. The thermal water at Saint-Gervais relaxes the muscles, relieve muscle soreness and reduces muscle inflammation.

Our Thermal Spa also promotes mental well-being, and the heat of the thermal water will allow you to relax completely and disconnect. Les Bains du Mont Blanc play an important role in your mental preparation.

Being alone and taking the time to focus on your body and physical activities is crucial to your success.


After a sporting event, the body is tired due to the intense physical activity it endures. It is recommended to come to the Thermal Spa right after the event or the following day.

The thermal water is naturally warm and rich in minerals, thus promoting blood and lymph circulation and minimising the lactic acid found in muscles.

Each activity at Les Bains du Mont Blanc is beneficial for your recovery.



The humid heat of the hammam works on the surface, helping to eliminate subcutaneous toxins.

The dry heat of the sauna increases the heart rate blood pressure, helping to better eliminate toxins and cleanse the blood.

The hydromassage jets in the outdoor pool help to unknot your muscles.

On the first floor, the tearoom is the perfect spot to rehydrate and regain your strength whilst you enjoy the mountain view.


To complete your muscle relaxation experience, we offer an “Alpine recovery” massage that relaxes and relieves. Our team of professionals deeply massage your sore muscles, releasing all tension.