Fitness Centre

Les Bains du Mont Blanc offer physical activities in thermal water supervised by sports coaches and lifeguards, including thermal aqua-bike and aqua-fit. Build muscle, sculpt, energize: the benefits of the thermal water are numerous! The mineral density of Mont Blanc thermal water improves floatation, offering a feeling of lightness that makes moving easier.

The naturally-hot temperatures increase the potential for flexibility, reduce the risk of injury and relax muscle mass.

Please note:  Aquaform and Aquagym sessions are unavailable at present.

Discover the sporting ACTIVITIES in thermal water


45 minutes

Aqua-bike involves pedaling on a bike immersed in an outdoor thermal bath. Fun and invigorating, this session is supervised by a sports coach.
This session works on all the muscles and strengthens the cardiovascular system. The resistance exerted by the thermal water is much higher than that of air. The body is toned by the constant pressure of thermal water on the muscles and joints. 

The session is held in a small group (maximum 4 participants) and can be adapted to each person while taking into account your personal goals.


Aqua-fit and aqua-stretch

20 minutes

Session included in the entry fee to Les Bains du Mont Blanc depending on your selected schedule.


General muscle-building activity in the thermal water outdoor pool.

Our sports coaches offer various exercises to combine muscle building and a cardio-respiratory workout.

After warming up, you will perform muscle-building exercises followed by stretching in the thermal water. It allows you to work at your own pace to tone your body without compromising the joints.


Practical Information

Aqua-fit and Aqua-stretch sessions are available most days in Les Bains du Mont Blanc from autumn 2018.


The session lasts 45 minutes (€19) and is only available by reservation.

We will provide you with aqua-bike shoes and a bathrobe. Swimsuits are mandatory, long swim shorts and full suits are prohibited. We advise you to bring a bottle of water to rehydrate during the session.

Removing any silver jewellery beforehand is recommended as the highly sulphurous thermal water can oxidize it.

Aqua-fit and Aqua-stretch

Aqua-fit and Aqua-stretch sessions last 20 minutes and are included in the entrance fee for Les Bains du Mont Blanc. They are held in the morning and evening; if you wish to participate, simply inform our fitness coach. Before the start of the session in the outdoor pool, the coach will come to see you to ask you to participate.

Removing any silver jewellery beforehand is recommended as the highly sulphurous thermal water can oxidize them.