Thermal Spring Water Psoriasis Treatment

Psoriasis, whether it’s plaque or guttate psoriasis, alters your quality of life on a daily basis. The Saint-Gervais thermal treatment for psoriasis helps to restructure the skin, soothe inflammation and slow down flare-ups. For some, it is an alternative to drug treatments, for others, it is an additional treatment to relieve the appearance of the plaques. Treat yourself to a natural treatment for psoriasis using Mont Blanc thermal spring water.


The thermal treatment for psoriasis at Saint-Gervais reduces psoriasis plaques and their intensity.

The treatment helps to relieve pain, accelerate the restructuring of the skin and slow down outbreaks of psoriasis. 

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory effects of Saint-Gervais thermal water, itching tends to decrease. The treatment will also support the effects of conventional treatments for restructuring the skin.


The team of attentive and open staff and the immersion in a stunning mountain environment help you to relax and reduce stress! This is crucial if you suffer from this condition, as one of the triggers is anxiety.

Relaxed, the patient can see an improvement or regression of their lesions and this continues after the treatment. 


Treatments Provided

The treatments are carried out every morning for 18 consecutive days from Monday to Saturday and last approximately 1h30 each morning. Sundays are a day without treatments.

During the first consultation, your spa doctor will create a treatment plan that includes the care to be performed during the course of your treatment.
All treatments are carried out using 100% thermal spring water to offer you the best quality.


Treatments prescribed by the spa doctor and carried out every day:

  • “Thermal water” beverage treatment: you will feel the benefit of the anti-inflammatory properties of thermal water from the inside and thus, revitalise your body.
  • Filiform shower: 1 to 3 mins. The filiform shower is carried out by the spa doctor. It deeply restructures the skin, soothes itching and softens scars.
  • General bath: 15 mins. The bath has a soothing, drying and healing function. The heat of the water activates cutaneous circulation. It has a relieving and relaxing effect, especially in people with stiff joints.
  • General spray: 15 mins. Finely sprayed water unblocks the skin.

These treatments are prescribed for each patient according to the extent of the condition and the patient’s needs, the doctor can also prescribe a face spray and local baths.

Additional treatments:

  • Cephalic shower: stream of thermal water on the scalp. The effects of the water soothe and heal the skin.
  • Localised bath: 10 to 15 mins. Carried out on the hands and/or legs. This treatment enhances the decongestant, anti-itching and relaxing effects of thermal water.
  • Facial spray: 10 to 15 mins. A mist of thermal water is sprayed on the face. 


Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin condition. It is generally characterised by the appearance of thick plaques of skin that stand out in the form of white “scales”. The plaques appear in different places on the body, most commonly on the elbows, knees and scalp.


Generally, psoriasis appears as patches, or plaques, but it can also appear in the form of tear-drop shaped spots. In some cases, psoriasis is accompanied by joint pain.


There are a number of triggers: anxiety, medical treatments, food intolerances… For some, the plaques disappear after a few months, then come back following new flare-ups.